Trapper beard hat
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The Trapper Beard Hat


Fur trapper hats are one of the ultimate winter accessories and now you can take your humble Trapper to the next level with a fully adjustable and detachable beard. Yes, a beard. Now it’s not just your head that gets to benefit from the warmth, but your (almost) entire face!

The Trapper Beard Hat is available with 2 styles of beard – Classic and Barbarian.

Choose which type of beard you prefer and place your order now!

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Product Description

And so for the technical bits. The detailed info for the Classic Trapper and the Barbarian Trapper are as follows:

– Detachable/adjustable Velcro beard
– One-size fits (almost) all
– Beard:70% acrylic, 30% wool
– Hat: 100% polyester

Don’t hang around, we won’t have these hats forever, so get yours ordered today!